Steve Watt’s first memory of racing was going to the old San Jose Speedway with his dad and brother in 1968, when he was 5 years old. Four of the guys who raced there worked for my dad. After work, the four racers would work on their super modifieds and Steve and his brother would get to help. Steve’s been hooked on racing ever since.
Maxwell Industries is involved in many forms of racing - we build and run sprints, midgets and land speed cars. Our shock dynos are used in almost every form of racing and we fabricate custom headers and other pieces for race cars and hot rods. Everything we do is tested in one of the harshest proving grounds in the world - the Bonneville Salt Flats. Watch the video to see two of the record-holding, land speed cars we've built - Speed Demon and Green Demon.
Open Wheel Racing
Ventura, California has a great little dirt track that brings racers from all the surrounding areas. Steve was exposed to sprints and midgets running half sideways around the track. Steve graduated from helping work on super modifieds as a kid to working on midgets and sprint cars. Steve's involvement in sprint extends past the track to the Bonnevile Salt Flats, where the Maxwell Industries-built Green Demon holds the record for the World's Fastest Sprint Car at over 211 mph.
Land Speed Racing
Maxwell Industries got involved with land speed racing by building headers for Kenny Duttweiler. Kenny Duttweiler was the engine builder for streamliner that was called Flatfire. Steve’s role evolved from fabricating, to crew member to crew chief in the years since. Along the way, the Speed Demon Racing Team has won the Hot Rod Trophy (signifying the fastest car of the meet) an unprecendented 7 years in a row and set numerous world records. They also currently hold the title of World’s Fastest Piston Engine Car.
From the Shop
We're So Grateful
12:19:19 ET
The Speed Demon Racing Team is honored to have now won 7 Hot Rod Trophies in a row. This is the coveted award given by Hot Rod Magazine for having the highest speed of Speed Week.

This year we got the A/BFS record 423 mph and worked our asses off to get it. It takes so many people to make this happen. It's unfortunate that some of them can't make it out to the salt and see the benefits of their work. But we know they were with us in spirit. We were honored to have Craig Breedlove and Al Teague spend time with us this week.
From the Salt
Wednesday was a Good Day!
11:43:37 ET
We blew up and caught fire on Tuesday. Rebuilt the car, switched engine and transmission and re-wired the car. Today we went 438 average mile and 453 exit. The Speeddemon crew got it done! That was George's 43 run over 400 mph. And, Craig Breedlove showed up to watch us run.
From the Salt
Tuesday Morning
14:08:14 ET
Tuesday morning- we've got a A?BFS record, but no Hot Rod Trophy yet. We've had a few little problems, but we're still hopeful before Friday.
From the Salt
Monday is for Backing Up
14:02:55 ET
Smoked the tires off at 400 mph. Got a new A/BFS record at 423mph.
From the Salt
Now Time to Back it Up
13:58:52 ET
From the Salt
Sunday was a Good Day.
13:35:12 ET
Going to impound. We'll be 1 up on a record.
From the Shop
It's Time to Go!
13:14:40 ET
From the Shop
Work Work Work
13:09:00 ET
From the Shop
Our Baby Goes to Hot Rod
12:20:27 ET
From the Shop
More Preparations
11:43:01 ET
From the Shop
Working Towards August
11:40:59 ET
From the Shop
A Photo Shoot with HotRod Magazine
11:37:22 ET
From the Salt
And Now a Word to our Sponsors...
09:17:45 ET
Running for records at Bonneville is a massive undertaking. We can't thank our sponsors enough for coming along on this journey with us.
In the News
Speedweek Record Run
22:12:48 ET
This is a split screen video of the the four cameras during a run on the salt this year.
From the Salt
Six Years! The Hot Rod Trophy
Hot Rod Magazine
20:43:47 ET
Since 2009, George Poteet and his team have taken the HOT ROD trophy for the fastest single flying mile of Speed Week. The first five of those wins were in the Poteet & Main Speed Demon, and the latest win is in the all-new Speed Demon team streamliner. The new car uses the same engines built by Kenny Duttweiler, but it’s lighter, with less drag and better aero than before. Co-Crew Chief Steve Watt also cooked up some new tricks to make wrenching between runs easier than before.
From the Salt
Hot Rod Magazine- Land Speed Cars in Impound - Photo Gallery
Hot Rod Magazine
20:42:29 ET
To get your name in the SCTA record book you not only have to drive faster than the current record, you have to back it up. Make a pass and have any one of your flying mile speeds (example: mile 2, mile 3, mile 4, or mile 5) exceed the record by .001mph and you qualify to break the record the following day.
From the Salt
Speed Demon Engine Quick Change - Video
Hot Rod Magazine
20:41:32 ET
The Speed Demon Racing Team, backed by the legendary forces of George Poteet, Ron Main, Kenny Duttweiler, and Steve Watt took a record in the B/BFS class on Monday at SCTA Speed Week to the tune of 416.511 mph. Hunting for even more, the team lost an engine today.
From the Salt
Bonneville Thursday Update
13:27:02 ET
Nicked a head gasket. Engine undamaged and repairs were quickly accomplished by the Demon crew. Car is ready to run again. It currently has the top speed of the meet at 442 MPH which will claim the Hot Rod Trophy for a another year. If nobody tops that speed on Thursday the Demon will not run again until the Shootout next month. On that last run the team were still doing a bit of research with yarn tufts taped to the tail. Video and still shots by photographers provided insight to air movement across the tail and the rear bodywork. Note one of the shots showing more of the car and the exhaust exiting ahead of and on either side of the tail. Note position of the skirt ahead of the rear wheels indicating no lift at speed.

The wing closeup is a shot of the yarn tufts on the Speed Demon tail at somewhere around 400 mph.

John Baechtel photos
From the Salt
More Photos from Tuesday and Early Wednesday
14:29:59 ET
From the Salt
Tuesday Recap
14:08:23 ET
406 MPH at the 4 Mile when George heard a pop and shut it down. Fuel flow problem caused some damage so the 388ci engine went into the trailer and the 368ci bullet was installed for tomorrow. Car was 12.5 mph faster to the 3 mile than any other previous run. This was the car's fastest ever speed at the 4 mile so it was on a mission until the fuel problem occurred. Team thrashed that engine change in only a couple hours.

Lost the engine at 3.5 miles. Still ran 406mph at the 4 mile. Car was 12.5 mph faster to the 3 mile than any other previous run. New engine is ready for the morning run

Off-road & UTV Racing
RZR Update: We now have high-strength, 8740 ARP RZR wheel studs in stock! Click here to purchase these must-have upgrades.
Steve’s connection with local sprint car legend, Cory Kruseman, led to his involvement with the some Baja 1000 teams. That included being a part of the Etter Racing Team in 2012 for their Baja 1000. In addition, Steve takes off to run Razr UTV’s in the mountains of Southern California.
Racing Updates
Day 2 of testing
Made a mile run before lunch at 220 mph then the wind came up again and had to cancel the afternoon runs. We will be running 1st thing in the morning. We also had a couple of 1st class car builders show up today- Dave Lane and Troy Trepanier
First Day Back on the Salt With the All New Speed Demon
Speed Demon Heads to Wind Tunnel
It Was a Great Weekend!
Courtney Crone won her first Main Event in the Young Guns race and Chris Wakim won the 2015 Hall of Fame Senior Sprint Race, both in Maxwell Equipment!
New Compressors for Shop and Speed Demon Trailer
Thanks Sullivan-Palatek for the dynamite compressors for the Speed Demon project. We've got a screw compressor for work in the shop and a 5hp compressor for the trailer on the salt.
Damion Gardner Goes 200 MPH at Bonneville in a Sprint Car — by Brian Wagner, September 22, 2014
Driving a sprint car and being a bull rider have a lot in common — you’re strapped to a beast with a ridiculous weight-to-horsepower ratio that requires an incredible amount of finesse and can get out of control in a hurry. So taking a beast like a sprint car and running it all out at Bonneville on the salt is a lot like running a small tire, high power drag car out the back door — you better have your act together or it’ll bite you quick.
Standing Water Cancels Speed Week
SCTA — August 9, 2014
"The SCTA Board is currently on the salt, and has determined that the standing water will not dry in time for us to hold our annual Speed Week event. The Board is also discussing the possibility of extending our next event - World Finals (Sep 30 - Oct 3) into a full week of racing as a sort of delayed Speed Week. We Thank You all for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you at our next event."
[click the link for some pretty amazing photos of the trailers out on "the Salt."]
Duinkerken Takes 4th in Start 2
USAC Western States Midgets
In his second start in Steve Watt’s #81 Duinkerken Farms / Christian Stover Foundation Stealth, Heath Duinkerken of Laton scored fourth at Lemoore. Adapting quickly to the 1/5-mile oval, Duinkerken was second fast in time trials and won the 10-lap Extreme Mufflers Heat Race #1. At press time, Heath was earned two top-10 finishes in the campaign.
Speed Week 2014 Schedule
THURSDAY - 8/7/14 7:00 AM - Pits open fo setup 10:00 AM - Fuel truck opens 10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM - Inspection & registration 8:00 PM - Salt closed
FRIDAY - 8/8/14 7:00 AM - Pits open fo setup 9:00 AM - Fuel truck opens 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM - Inspection & registration 8:00 PM - Salt closed
SATURDAY - 8/9/14 7:00 AM - Salt opens, lineup opens 8:30 AM - Course stewards meeting at tower 9:00 AM - Driver's Meeting (All drivers/riders & crew) at course 1/2 starting line. Rookie orientation to follow (All new drivers/riders & crew must attend) 10:00 AM - (+/-) Racing Begins 7:00 PM - Racing ends 8:00 PM - Salt closed
SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY - 8/10/14-8/14/14 6:00 AM - Salt Opens (upon arrival of the impound monitor) 7:00 AM - Record return runs on all courses will begin. Qualifying will begin on all courses immediately following record return runs. 7:00 PM - Racing ends 8:00 PM - Salt closed
FRIDAY - 8/15/14 On this, or the last day of racing, record runs will be on the same day
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