Equipment Leasing & Custom Application Development

Maxwell Industries has relationships with two different equipment leasing companies that understand our equipment and the needs of our customers – in both the racing and transit industries. They each have different criteria for their leasing programs, so feel free to contact them both and see which one works the best for your situation.

Direct Capital

Direct Capital specializes in commercial financing and is a direct lender that has been in business for 21 years. We realize that you have many other areas of business to handle on a daily basis. Our goal is not to make running a business harder, but rather to make it easier. From giving you honest options to handling all the paperwork, we make it easy for you to be able to afford the equipment you need.

Direct Capital

Ryan Byrne - 603-373-1955
Fax: 603-373-1461

At Direct Capital, we understand that there are risks associated with your business. With those risks comes stress in the work place. Our goal is to help alleviate some of that stress and reduce some of those risks through proper funding. When we sit down with you, we will discuss the risks you face, what your vision is as a company, and what goals you have as well. Your budget will play an important part in finance options, and we will be sure we understand where you are financially. With all of that information in hand, we will determine what type of lease options you qualify for so that you can get back to business and back to your customers without breaking the bank.

North Star Leasing Company

Smart Businesses like yours are discovering the advantages of funding the equipment needed TODAY with tomorrow's dollars with a leasing program that includes a $1.00 buyout and immediate transfer of ownership at the end of the lease.

North Star Leasing Contact

Mike Maher - 802-860-3565
Fax: 802-658-9724

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Why leasing makes sense:

  • Free up Working Capital
  • Protect Your Line of Credit
  • Eliminate Obsolescence
  • Gain Tax Advantages
  • Purchase today’s technology with tomorrow's dollars
  • Lower Monthly Payments

Other Advantages:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast and Liberal Credit Decisions
  • Simple Documents
  • No complicated terminology, no lengthy application forms
  • No pre-payment penalty

Not all race teams do things the same way. Our testing software has been developed to adapt to many different testing routines and organizational styles. Or maybe you have a use that is way outside the box and you’re going to need something different.

The reports below show the basic reports that our testing software generates. If you'd like to discuss details of these reports, additional reports or operational procedures, please click Contact Us above.

Force v. Velocity Force v. Displacement Force CC/RO - CO/RC
Shock & Spring Average Force Force CC/RO/CO/RC Bar Dyno Plot